Why Self Publish

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Master Your Literary Career

It’s no secret that the publishing industry simply isn’t what it used to be. Here at Pint Sized Press, we know what it’s like to simply want to give your story the platform it deserves. Navigating how to court an agent and a publisher can prove to be time consuming and largely fruitless in an industry that is over-stuffed. Don’t waste time looking for opportunties that aren’t there. Make your own opportunities through indie publishing. 

Pint Sized Press provides all of the services you’ll need in order to make your manuscript into a real product that you can market to target audiences. We provide in-depth editing services, beta reading to help you work out the kinks, and professional design and marketing services to help you reach and attract the right readers for your project. 

Your story deserves the proper treatment. Discover professional quality services that aren’t barricaded behind a door labeled “someone else’s opinion.”