Perfect Gifts for Readers and Writers

Every year we all scramble to figure out gifts for people. Because, although you openly claim to be proud of your hard earned asshole badge, you dont want to look like one during the holidays. Thus, since Pint Sized Press generally focuses on readers and writers we decided we’d compile a list of suitable gifts for the reader or writer in your family.

  1. The Banned Book’s Mug

It’s from Out Of Print, which is like the ultimate place to buy writer and reader merch. They have everything ranging from t-shirts with quotes, to socks with Edgar Allan Poe’s face as polka-dots. This mug, when heat activated, displays the titles of various banned books. It’s really very V for Vendetta if you think about it. Grab one for twelve bucks (and every order gets a free pair of mismatched library socks) here.


2. Literary Candles

These lovely little balls of wax are intended to submerge your senses in your favorite story. The scents are inspired by your favorite books! Obviously, it’d be great to pop open one of Arthur Conan Doyle’s masterpieces and light up your 221b baker street candle. Hopefully the candle smells better than a late 19th-century bachelor pad. Pick it up here.


3. Tequila  Mockingbird: Cocktails with a Literary Twist

A cookbook specifically for cocktails. But also with literary themes. Because every good writer is a good drinker, and it’s pretty clear that anyone who reads wants to feel fancy when they’re drinking. Book based drinks is everything everyone who likes words on paper wants. Most likely. It’s on amazon too, which is cool cause #freeshipping. It’s here.


4. Temporary Tattoos

Since Hollister and various other teeny bopper shops have made it popular to advertise with your body, everyone clearly wants to use temporary tattoos to show off how well-read they are. There are packages for Jane Austin, Walden, Sherlock Holmes and much more. Because you can’t be hipster with just the lensless glasses and man bun, you need literary tattoos too. Find them here.


5. Edgar Allan Poe Secular Saint Candle.

Yeah, I know it’s the second candle on the list. But think about it. They have so many practical uses and this one you can add to your shrine of Eddy. Or put it in your bathroom to light instead of using Febreeze (#versatile). As Gone Reading states “Appropriately identified as the Patron Saint of Bohemians, Cryptology and Detectives (see photo), this candle will prominently proclaim your love of Poe for all your friends to see.” See, it’s barely even blasphemy. Order it here.


6.Writers Block.

Haha. Writers love puns. We fucking love them. Ask anyone. And no, it’s not too much for a block of wood. Technically 200 is too much for a block of wood as well. Check it.

writers block.PNG

7. Dead Writers Perfume.

Some would argue dead writers are the best writers, which really sells this little bottle of smelly stuff. It comes in heliotrope, black tea, and tobacco. It’s creative, it’s original, and if it ends up smelling bad its the thought that counts anyway. Find it here.

dead writers.PNG

If these did not satisfy your gift lust then hold your horses, sweet cheeks. I’ll be updating with another list before long. Mainly because it turns out making a list of gifts for a category of people is way easier than trying to figure out gifts for individuals I actually know.

Another thing you could give a writer is one of our fabulous services for their manuscript, you can find those here.

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