3 Reasons To Invest In A Professional Book Cover

Pint Sized Press is passionate about providing authors the resources to publish their novel in a professional manner. This is partially because we are adamant in our belief of taking down the publishing industry via successful self-published authors, but it’s also because we want you to succeed. Here’s the bottom line. If you don’t get your cover done by a professional graphic designer, with a trained eye for how things should look in order to foster an aesthetic and therefore a personal brand, you are shorting yourself out. A professional book cover is completely worth the investment.

Book Cover Designs Are Important

Just because people say they don’t judge books by the cover does not mean it’s true. This is very similar to how your significant other says it’s ok that you poop with the door open in your one bedroom flat, but it’s not at all ok. This analogy is reflective of the reality of the Amazon marketplace. Most authors think they can just pop into MS paint, or photoshop, and duct tape a cover together expecting that people will read their novel just because they took the time to write it. In this case scenario, those self-published authors are proving all the critics who say that the self-publishing formula will never produce solid work because there is no gate-keeper right. Those authors who are not making sure that their content is edited professionally and designed professionally are taking a crap with the door open in front of all the people that will lay their eyes upon that novel. In other words, you should shame everyone who makes their own cover and expects their novel to sell.

Your Novel is a Product

Pint Sized Press is certain that your novel is a solid manuscript full of rich themes, dynamic characters and beautiful imagery and we want to make sure other people see that. Presentation matters. If you look at Apple products, you can see that principle in living color. Every single one of their products is put in an extremely pleasing box, it’s nice on the eyes with carefully designed graphics and specialized texts as well as the touch and finish of the cover of the box. All of this comes together to create that new electronic device feeling that makes you sigh with anticipation as you gently slide the lid off to find your shiny new Iphone within. If you apply this same idea to your novel, it won’t just get picked out of the line of endless covers and spines on a shelf or on Amazon, it’ll be exciting for the reader when they finally open the book. They’ll thrill at the smell of the pages and the ink, the sound the paper makes between their fingers as they start a brand new journey into a world you created. Your cover is your primary way to sell your novel to the person who is going to thoroughly enjoy reading it as much as you enjoyed writing it.

Contact Pint Sized Press For Professional Cover Design

Ensure that your novel get’s into the hands of your future readers. Contact Pint Sized Press to access affordable, professional cover design that will set your novel apart. Rise above the rabble with carefully coordinated aesthetics and marketing plan that makes your product shine as bright as the contents of your novel.

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