Audio Books Recording

Did you know that very few of the books ever published are made into audio books? Thus creating a interesting supply and demand dynamic for those folks looking specifically for stories they can listen to rather than read. In fact, there have been various studies done on the benefits of listening to a story. You can check out one of those studies here. Bearing this in mind, Pint Sized decided to bring this service to the table. From recruiting fresh, professional, acting talent to acquiring our lovely sound editor. We’ve finally reached a point in which we can help bring your story, literally, to life.

Our Actors:

We strive to tell the stories in the best fashion possible here at Pint Sized and we are eager to help you tell yours. So picking the right folks to narrate is very important, which is why we chose a variety of actors and actresses to narrate for you. We’d be happy to show you each of their profiles: that includes their experience and why we think they’re right for your story, based on the criteria you gave to us.

The Process:

We have a bit of a ways before we can give you a finished product. Pint Sized strives for the quickest turnover rate, but we want to make sure the narration is exactly what you like, which implies edits. We’ll provide redos of the increments you want and that’ll take a bit more time. To give an example, a 90k word manuscript (industry standard length) would be approximately 10 hours once finished, which doesnt include edits.

If you’re interested, please use the form below so we can answer all of your questions. It’ll bring you one step closer to hearing your story as a living, breathing creation, and opening it up to a new market of readers (actually listeners).