About Pint Sized Press

As lovers of literature, our goal at Pint Sized Press is to help prepare a wide variety of short stories and novels for publishing. We are dedicated to providing writers and readers with quality literature and services, specializing in new and upcoming authors in all genres.

Currently, we are not taking submissions. But, like our temperament, this is subject to change.

Please feel free to reach out to us with question, observations, and comments that do not question our sanity as those have already been expressed.

Pint Sized Press is all about helping aspiring writers share their stories. Currently, we are offering specific services individually.

Beta Reading: Now Taking Submissions

Cover Design: It’s Here!

Marketing: Available! Shoot us an email

There is truly only one way for a book to become successful, and that is with marketing. Entering the world of self-marketing can leave even the most fortified with a headache. We want to see you be successful as much as you want it.

Editing: Available in our A La Carte Services menu

Let’s be honest. For most of us, just thinking about editing brings a cringe. Yet, every writer knows that editing is almost more important than writing the book itself. Our goal is to take the cruel ambiguity out of grammar.


Formatting: Available in our A La Carte Services menu

Is self-publishing the way you’re looking to go? Well, Pint Sized Press wants to help you take the guesswork out of the equation. Our formatting service takes the kinks out of the process. Let us do the cussing and take the struggle out of formatting for you!

While we aren’t currently offering this service, if you are interested please contact us and we will see what we can do.


Audio book: Coming Soon!

This is a feature we are particularly excited about! One of the largest growing audiences is the audio book listener. Since our days are constantly filled with errands and chores, a lot more people are finding it convenient and entertaining to listen to a book rather than find the time to read it. Pint Size will be offering reading and recording services of your self-published book.

Stay tuned for details!