Unstoppable Literary Halloween Costumes

Jay Gatsby & Daisy Buchanon

We all have opinions on Daisy Buchanan, mainly because we were forced to read “The Great Gatsby” in high school and all hated her. Or I’m projecting myself onto you. Either way, the girl has amazing taste wherever she’s portrayed. And Jay Gatsby is obviously dynamite in the style department. You and your SO can hit the art deco with relative ease for a Halloween that’s unstoppable, unlike Jay and Daisy’s love story.

Twins From the Shining

It’s ok if you don’t have a twin. I mean, sometimes people get hungry in the womb. But you should have a partner to execute this easy costume. All you need are some penny loafers, white socks, and a cute little blue dress. Boom! You and your new twin are unstoppable. A major plus to this costume is you can appreciate Stephen King’s works without being a cliche this year (AKA Pennywise).

The Biologist from “Annihilation”

With the movie coming up, you should all be reading this book. Even before the movie was a thing, you should’ve read this book. This is perfect for doing your makeup really cool and going cheap on the costume itself. The Biologist is still open for interpretation and will make an awesome conversation piece, which you’ll need because you obviously didn’t take any of my couples’ suggestions. Dot your skin with suddenly blooming spores and vines, and make your cheeks and eyes glow to emphasize the extraterrestrial “brightness” she received from sticking her face in a wad of unidentified spores in Area X. The sky is the limit, or maybe the “border” of Area X is. You’ll be unstoppable.

The Ill-Fated Oedipus

Halloween is generally about tales of human misfortune and suffering. Oedipus’ story is unstoppably shitty. The ease of this costume is what makes it pretty great. Everyone has a sheet they can make into a toga and then just add the finishing touches by putting fake blood all over your eyes. Pro tip: Don’t ask your mom to do it with you. The costume or anything else too deep into the Oedipus character either.

Darl & Dewey Dell

Grab some overalls and some weird flowery, country dress from the ARC (’cause they have better deals than Goodwill), shove a ten dollar bill into your girlfriend’s hand and walk around with a dead look in your eyes. Maybe even go a step farther and have her ask people if this is enough for an abortion at your local pharmacy. This is by far the laziest costume on this list, but also has the darkest comedy associated with it, making it a real winner. #AsILayLaughing. #Unstoppable

Priss & Roy (Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep)

I wanted to put J.R Sebastion as this entry but then realized that without a team of little people dressed as soldiers for your accessories it would be hard for this costume to make sense. So get out your favorite eye-liner from middle school and coon up the entire eye section of your face. Discount option for Roy: use white spray paint instead of hair dye to achieve that awesome toehead look. Ignore the fumes, you’re now Roy Batty- AKA unstoppable.

Esther Greenwood (The Bell Jar)

This costume will be the perfect excuse to have many emotional breakdowns, while either drunk or sober, for the entire night. That’s the dictionary definition of unstoppable if you ask me. All you need are some modest heels, a green skirt, a white dress shirt, and a bell jar to carry around. Don’t bring the bottle of prescription pills, that would negate the option of freaking out whenever you want over pretty much nothing.

Sherlock Holmes

This one is only sort of a cop out, however, it’s included because it would be endless fun to get dressed up in a plaid hat, and trench coat and unstoppably state the obvious to people like it’s some grand discovery. When you want to leave the party, you can always use the excuse of going to harass Scotland Yard.

The Phantom of the Opera

This would seem like a couple’s costume, but actually Phantom does not end up with Christine. So really, he’s as unstoppably lonely as you are. Grab a cape and a mask and go around talking about this chick you’re obsessed with who, for some reason, still thinks of you as her father though you’ve tried to communicate that’s not the case.

Henry VIII

He’s in a lot of books, so he totally counts. In my opinion, the version to try and imitate is the one from Phillipa Gregory’s “The Taming of the Queen,” not only because he’s a horrible villain in it, but also because of his unstoppable, pearl-encrusted codpiece that he grinds Kateryn Parr’s face into after she advises him on religious interpretations. It’s a cut above because she was one of the first women to be published under her own name.

Kateryn Parr

If you like books and believe in women’s rights, do Kateryn Parr. Not only do you get to dress up in a beautiful Tudor-era gown but you can also rattle off facts about her historical importance and overall unstoppable power as a writer, which I imagine is widely appreciated among my readers because we’re a publishing press and don’t attract people who don’t like books.


Thanks for reading! Have a happy Halloween in your sophisticated, sorta hipster costumes that you’ll have to explain to your friends that don’t read, but who aren’t necessarily illiterate!

Sofia Ashford wrote this to entertain you, just like her novel “The Belle of Eden” which you can purchase in print or ebook here.

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