Spontaneous Drunk Writing Prompt

What’s the point of getting drunk and watching comedy on a Tuesday night when you have other responsibilities¬†if youre not going to come up with a writing prompt? There’s obviously no point at that junction. So here is the writing prompt that wine has, in fact, prompted.

I was watching “Horrible Bosses” cause I need to hear the revolutionary and motivating line from Kevin Spacey: “You have to put some band-aids on your nipples to win a marathon”. ¬†Thus I began to ponder how one might find a nearby every day assassin. For there must be people who live in Colorado right by a military base (Colorado Springs so not that close, but who cares) who kill for money. Who offer to eliminate your shitty boss, sister-in-law, or perhaps spouse (no judgement) for a certain amount of money.

Your prompt, therefore, is to write to Pint Sized Press a craigslist add advertising this service in the best, and least professional terms possible. Best one gets a repost over all sorts of social media. So, dig into the sniper/ James Bond trained version of you and post a craigslist add. Because #21stcentury.

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