Welcome To Pint Sized Press!

If you’ve chosen to visit this webpage (whether purposefully or by accident), I feel it’s safe to assume that you are one of the following: 1. A reader of vast and resolute subjects, 2. A writer of content fictional or nonfictional, but either way wondrous, 3. A gatherer of intellect who might have gotten click happy and had the fortune to stumble upon us.

Whatever it was that brought you here, we thank you! For it is you (reader, writer, knowledge collector), that keeps us inspired.  Without you, this world would be a bleak place lacking creativity and imagination.

Who are we? We are a small group of dreamers who believe in dragons, buried treasure, and that our Hogwarts letter is still going to come. In today’s world everyone has at least one story to tell, and we at Pint Sized Press want to help make sure it’s the best story possible.

What is it we do? Our main focus is to help ensure that any book that is close to being published, will be up to publishing standards. Currently, we are offering our beta services: where we read to makes sure all plot holes are covered and the content is consistent. To find more information or to address any inquires:  https://pintsizedpressllc.wordpress.com/beta-reading/

Other features that will soon be up and running include formatting, marketing, audiobooks, and copy editing.

Feel free to contact us at https://pintsizedpressllc.wordpress.com/contact/ with any questions, comments, and querying. We would love to hear from you!
                                                                                                                            – Jenna and Sofia

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