Author Marketing Service

The Difference Between Success & Failure is Marketing.

Create a brand and a strategy with professional marketing advisers.

Beta Reading

Sometimes, other people’s opinions actually do matter.

Access market analysis, character development,

voice enhancement and critique on your manuscript.

Manuscript Editing

It’s more than a grammar check.

Editing includes an integrated approach to your brand

as an author, your characters and your voice.

Book Cover Design

Everyone judges a book by it’s cover.

Find a cohesive artistic vision with one of our graphic designers.

Available in Print and EBook

Pint Sized Press is happy to release our new title “The Belle of Eden” from Sofia Ashford.

“Yet, I’ve done my fair share of wrong: I’ve killed, maimed, burned, manipulated, and seduced my way through life and into what must surely be my deserved end. However… None of my previous transgressions haunted me like the nagging thoughts of what I hadn’t managed to accomplish.” – The Belle of Eden

 The art of storytelling has always been a noble endeavor, and yet the publishing industry has become watered down and impossible to navigate in recent years. Don’t exhaust your passion by jumping through someone else’s hoops. Pursue publishing your novel in a purely entrepreneurial fashion with self-publishing.

Gain access to experienced graphic designers for your novel’s cover, your website and promotional materialsHire editors that will work with you to improve your novel’s literary elements and the execution of your plot, not just a grammar check. Find help with formatting you novel for multiple mediums as well as gaining the expertise of industry trained eyes. Publish your novel, your way with Pint Sized Press LLC.

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